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Learn More About Thornton, CO

The city of Thornton is located in the greater counties of Adams and Weld in Colorado. It is considered the 6th most populous county in Colorado and boasts several recreational centers and community events. Thornton offers easy access to 28 major resorts found near the Rocky Mountains. These resorts offer skiing, hiking, camping, and scenic views. Thornton City has also preserved 1,000 acres of land for public parks. This preservation allows for numerous tennis courts, athletic fields, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and a gymnasium reserved for several different activities.
Recently, a restaurant owner in Thornton was accused of laundering profits from a massive marijuana cultivation ring. It is alleged that Mr. Tang gave money to accomplices to purchase homes in the metro area so the properties could be used to grow marijuana. Dan Tang pleaded not guilty to money laundering when he appeared in the District Court. It is also alleged that Tang made financial transactions to conceal the proceeds of the marijuana growing operation. If Tang is found guilty he can face up to 20 years in prison and will have to forfeit all of his property, including $1.8 million from bank accounts.
Thornton is served by two courts: the Thornton Municipal Court and the 17th Judicial District Court. The Thornton Municipal Court is locally funded and is limited in jurisdiction. It handles such things as traffic, misdemeanors, animal, and code violations, as well as parking citations. The 17th Judicial District Court has jurisdiction to hear cases that deal with torts, contracts, property, mental health, and juveniles. It can also hear civil and criminal appeals.
In order to navigate in both courts it is essential to know the rules within each court structure and for this knowledge you need a Thornton lawyer. Thornton lawyers are well experienced with the courts in Thornton and practice in several areas of law including environmental, property, contract, and military.
Whether your legal issue is related to property or environmental law a skilled and experienced Thornton lawyer will be able to ease you through the process. You should look no further than LegalMatch to help you find a lawyer that is specialized in your specific legal issue and is interested in working with you. LegalMatch makes the process of finding an attorney less stressful by prescreening all Thornton lawyers for you and providing you with a satisfaction guarantee. Additionally, this entire service is at no cost to you.
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