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Learn More About Castle Rock, CO

Castle Rock is the seat of Douglas County and is roughly equidistant from Denver to the South and Colorado Springs to the North. Castle Rock is home to 35,000 residents and is the 19th most populous municipality in Colorado. The Castle Rock Outlets are visited by many locals and travelers alike.
Castle Rock is also a great place to find a lawyer who knows the local courts. Lawyers in Castle Rock take a broad selection of cases, some normal examples include chapter 7 bankruptcy, child custody, wrongful termination, DUI, and immigration cases.
Recently, Castle Rock resident Jason Lee McRoberts was brought up on a felony charge for obscenity after allegedly having sex with a dog and forcing a 7 year-old boy to watch. The event allegedly happened while McRoberts was living in Grand Junction, Colorado where Mesa County officials detained McRoberts before setting him free on a $1,000 bond. The Mesa County District Attorney has yet to file any child abuse charges against McRoberts.
If you have a lawsuit to file in Castle Rock, you will likely be filing with the Douglas County Combined Court in Castle Rock. The Douglas County Combined Court is a combination of the Colorado County and District Court systems. Due to the combination of the two courts, the Douglas County Combined Court retains exclusive jurisdiction over domestic relations, juvenile, small claims not exceeding $7,500, and felony hearings. Often, it’s best to find an experienced lawyer who knows how to navigate the Douglas County courts so that you know your case is being handled correctly.
LegalMatch will find you a capable lawyer in Castle Rock, Colorado that will be able to resolve the legal issue that you face. The LegalMatch website provides a number of helpful research tools like legal blogs, an online law dictionary, and newsletters all within the Legal Center. All of the LegalMatch lawyers are bar certified and backed by the customer satisfaction guarantee.
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