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Loveland, Colorado is best known for its “Valentine Re-Mailing Program.” Each year for Valentines Day, hundreds of thousands of valentines flood Loveland from across the globe. Senior citizen volunteers and the Loveland Chamber of Commerce then stamp them with a special Loveland postmark and valentine verse before re-sending them to their intended recipients. In addition to the “Valentine Re-Mailing Program,” Loveland is known for its diverse economic background of agriculture and manufacturing facilities for corporations such as Hewlett-Packard.
LegalMatch can help you find the right Loveland lawyer. LegalMatch’s has an extensive directory of pre-screened lawyers in Loveland who represent clients in a variety of fields, including bankruptcy, employment, business, and family law.
Lawyers in Loveland and its home county, Larimer County, are devoted to their legal profession. After nearly 30 years of legal service, Larimer County Judge C. Edward Stirman has announced his retirement from the bench. Judge Stirman has served the legal community since 1982 when he started his own practice focused on bankruptcy, domestic relations, and estate planning and from there moved to the judicial bench of Larimer County.
Loveland is located in Colorado’s 8th Judicial District. Cases can be brought before the Larimer County Court or the Larimer District Court. The Larimer County Court hears all misdemeanor criminal matters and civil actions which do not exceed to $15,000 in dispute. Cases that are heard in Larimer District Court range from divorce, civil claims, juvenile matters, probate, and criminal cases.
When looking for a qualified lawyer in Loveland, LegalMatch will help you select the lawyer to best represent you. LegalMatch allows you to review the lawyer’s qualifications, availability, and prices at no cost and with no obligation. In addition, LegalMatch also offers an extensive legal library and legal blogs which allow you to research your question first for free.
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