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The city of Grand Junction is the largest in western Colorado and the most populous town of Mesa County. The city sits on the banks of the Colorado River and takes its name from the junction of two rivers in the area. Grand Junction is home to the Mesa State College, a public four-year university that specializes in the liberal arts.
If you need to speak to an attorney while you are in Grand Junction, there are many talented Grand Junction lawyers available. These legal professionals can assist you with legal matters that involve areas of law such as tax, criminal defense, divorce, alimony, child custody, real estate, personal injury, wills, bankruptcy, DUI, employment discrimination, and many others.
A man was recently sentenced in connection with a theft spree that left many across the state of Colorado feeling victimized, including many in Grand Junction. The man was sentenced to 25 years in prison for 160 incidences of theft across the state. Among those robbed were residents of Grand Junction who had their cars and homes broken into by the man and his girlfriend. When the man was finally caught and arrested, police discovered thousands of stolen items including two cars, several credit cards, electronics and guns. The man’s girlfriend, who was also entwined in the scheme of crimes, was sentenced earlier.
If your lawsuit arose in Grand Junction, you will probably have to report to the Mesa County Justice Center which houses both the County and District Courts for the 21st Judicial District of Colorado. There are many steps that go into a lawsuit, and a local attorney can help make sure your case is fairly heard and decided. is a great online tool that you can use to find a local Grand Junction lawyer to represent you in your case. We maintain a database of thousands of pre-screened lawyers that have many diverse skills. After submitting some background information about your situation, we search through our database and put legal professionals in contact with you. Where you go from there is entirely up to you and there is never any pressure to hire any of the lawyers who respond to your case.
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