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Learn More About Boulder, CO

Located in Boulder County, Colorado, Boulder is the 11th largest city in Colorado although the city is small by most standards, claiming a population of about 39,000. Home to the University of Colorado, Boulder is a young city, having a median age of 29 versus the U.S. median age of 35.1. First settled by the Europeans in 1858, Boulder was a miner’s town. Today, what most attracts people to Boulder is its access to stellar scenery and outdoor sports including skiing, hiking, cycling and rock climbing. Boulder is also home to an international annual film festival and is renowned for the Boulder Philharmonic Symphony.
Boulder is also known for a heretofore unsolved murder case. In 1997, the brutally beaten body of Susannah Chase was found in an alley about one block from her home. Chase, a resident of Stamford, Connecticut, had been attending the University of Colorado in Boulder when she was raped and murdered. Jury selections began in June 2009, nearly ten years later. The accused, Diego Olmos-Alcade, a 39-year old Chilean man is facing this murder trial based primarily on DNA evidence linking him to the crime.
Depending upon the type of claim, your case will either begin in County or District Court. In Colorado, County Courts hear cases alleging damages less than $15,000, small claims, misdemeanors, and felony charges. Felony cases may, however, be referred to the District Court. District Courts hear cases related to domestic relations, juvenile, probate, mental health and criminal charges.   Boulder is located within the 20th District of the State Court system; there are two court locations. The City of Boulder also has a municipal court which hears cases related to violations of municipal ordinances.
LegalMatch can help you find the right lawyer to represent you with your legal matter. LegalMatch has pre-selected Boulder lawyers who are experienced in different legal proceedings ranging from criminal defense, family and sports law as well as other legal matters. We take the work out of the process by finding reputable lawyers who meet the standards of the Colorado bar.
To learn more about LegalMatch or to research legal issues relating to your case, please visit our online law library.
The following websites offer additional legal resources for people in Boulder:
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·         Colorado State Court Self-Help Center
·         Boulder Bar Association and Legal Aid

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