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Located in Monroe County, Indiana, Bloomington claims a population of about 69,000 people. Home to the Indiana University, Bloomington has been named a Tree City for the past twenty years and the movie, “Breaking Away,” was filmed here. The city also has a rich cultural tradition in the theatre arts. In 1922, the Buskirk-Chumley Theatre was used for vaudeville productions. Today, the “Bus-Chum” is used as a performing arts center and has held up to 260 theatre productions in one year. Indeed, its one of the busiest small theatres in the U.S!

Bloomington IN Lawyers

A recent legal controversy made headlines in Bloomington in 2009 when the Bloomington Public Transportation Company rejected displaying advertisements developed by proponents of the Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign. The advertising slogan read “You Can be Good, Without God.” Although the bus company is a private firm, it holds a city contract. The Major of Bloomington, Mark Kruzan, stepped in and instructed the city’s legal department not to represent the bus company, paving the way for the atheist’s ad campaign and ensuring their First Amendment constitutional rights. Bloomington bus riders should soon be privy to the message that one can be good without being close to God, at least that is their premise.
If you need legal representation and find yourself navigating the local court system, your case will probably be heard in Monroe County Circuit Court, a unified court with nine divisions. The Court hears cases ranging from traffic violations to small claims, family law to felonies. Monroe’s County Court can be found at 301 N. College Avenue in Bloomington.
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The following websites offer additional legal resources for people in Bloomington:
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·         Legal Assistance for Bloomington Residents


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