After a gender reassignment surgery, you can change your legal documents to reflect your new identity. One important document to change is your passport. New York recognizes gender reassignment surgeries and allows you to change your passport to reflect your new name and gender.

What Documents Do I Need?

In 2010, New York has revamped its passport issuing policies such that it is easier for post-operative individuals to obtain new identifications. To prevent fraud against the system, New York requires the person seeking a new passport to provide them with a court order and a doctor’s letter. The court order must state the change. The doctor’s letter must specifically state elements required in the passport application.

There are several standard items that every individual who applies for a passport must provide. The standard items include a passport fee. If you are applying for a passport for the first time, then you must supply a copy of your birth certificate. If you are renewing, then you must submit your most current passport. And if you are from another state, then you must provide two forms of photo identification.

Once you have all those documents, you must fill out form DS-11 to ask for a name and gender change on your passport.

Where Do I File?

Your application package must be filed at your local passport agency in New York.

Do I Need A Lawyer?

Although obtaining a new passport only requires you to fill out an application, the form may be a long and cumbersome process especially since you need to get a court order. And with any mistake, it will take a long time for the passport agency to issue you a new passport. As a result, it is wise to get help from an experienced New York lawyer. Your lawyer can walk you through the process and even help you obtain a court order.