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US Citizenship Lawyers

A dual U.S./other citizen will generally not lose his/her U.S. citizenship. You can however loose it if you acted with intent of giving it up. Military service in the other country by a dual U.S./other citizen is discouraged by the United States, but when it is mandatory for citizens of that country to serve in their military it is accepted. 

What Does the Law Say About Citizenship?

U.S. Law says that foreign military service will result in loss of U.S. citizenship if:

What Does U.S. Policy Say about Citizenship?

U.S. policy goes further in accommodating people. Unless a dual citizen acts in the following manners the State Department is unlikely to act and take away his/her citizenship:

Should I Consult an Immigration Lawyer?

You should talk to an immigration lawyer about your situation to make sure you¿re not endangering your U.S. citizenship. You should also check with the other country you're a citizen of, since it might have policies about serving in their army while having another country's citizenship. An immigration lawyer can help you with this.

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