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What Is Lawful Permanent Resident Status?

Obtaining lawful permanent residency (LPR) is one of the most important steps toward remaining permanently in the United States. LPR status must be attained before one can become a U.S. citizen. After a non-resident has been granted immigrant status, they may apply to adjust to permanent resident status.

How Can I Apply for LPR?

Adjustment of status refers to the process of obtaining permanent residency without leaving the U.S. The applicant must demonstrate one of the following:

Next, the applicant must establish they:

Who Is Eligible to Apply?

A non-resident may be eligible to apply if:

Who Is Ineligible to Apply?

An applicant may be deemed ineligible to apply for adjustment of status of LPR for a number of reasons. Some common reasons include:

There are many other reasons why you would be ineligible, which are spelled out in Form I-485.

Should I Contact an Immigration Attorney?

Seeking an adjustment of status from immigrant to lawful permanent resident can be complicated and difficult. It is extremely important to seek the advice of a qualified immigration attorney before attempting to adjust status or submitting anything to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. A lawyer will be able to explain the nuances of the law to you, and help you avoid delays or unintended consequences of failing to do something or doing something incorrectly. 

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