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What Is Dual Citizenship?

Dual citizenship or sometimes called multiple citizenship is a person who is a citizen of two countries and is subject to more than one country's law.

Generally, you should assume that your old country does not acknowledge your US naturalization in any way, and that they still consider you to be a citizen of that country. This means that you can still be subjected to things like being drafted or hindered from leaving. To find out what the situation is you should talk to this country's consular officials and the US State Department.

What Precautions Should I Take While Traveling?

Before visiting any country which might possibly claim you as its citizen (due to birth, naturalization or any of your relatives), you should check to see what your status is. You should be aware that since you are a dual citizen, you are to obey to laws of both countries. Either the country has the right to enforce the law or the person has to abide by the laws while traveling. Dual nationals are also suppose to carry the foriegn countries passport to enter and leave.

What If I Left my Old Country Under less than Friendly Circumstances?

If this is the case you should also exercise caution if you travel near that country, over its airspace or through its territorial waters. You might come into contact with your old country if your ship or plane has to make an unscheduled stop because of an accident or bad weather. You should also be careful about traveling to or near a third country that has an extradition treaty with your old country.

Can the US help me as a Dual Citizen if I'm in my other Country?

It is possible that the US can¿t help you very much because the other country insists that you are one of its own citizens and that the matter therefore is none of the US business.

Do I need an Immigration Lawyer?

It may be wise to talk to lawyer experienced in these issues before you leave the US. A immigration lawyer can help and advise you in these matters and assist you in any complications that arise during

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