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What is the Naturalization Test?

In immigration law, the naturalization test is a standard part of the citizenship / naturalization procedure.  In order to obtain U.S. citizenship, a foreign national must pass the naturalization test and complete various other application requirements.  The naturalization test, is usually administered after the person has already submitted their application for naturalization as a U.S. citizen, and after some of their documents have initially been reviewed.

The naturalization test is commonly called by other names, including the “citizenship exam” or the “civics test”.  There are two basic parts to the naturalization test: the “language test”, and the “civics test”.

What Does the Language Test Involve?

The language test portion tests the applicant’s ability to speak, write, and read in the English language.  To test each of these abilities, the test examiner may ask the candidate to read aloud selected portions of sentences, and to write one or two short sentences in English.  To test speaking ability, the examiner may ask the person about themselves during the interview.

In order to pass the test, the candidate doesn’t need to be fully bilingual; the examiner is just checking that the person is proficient in the English language.

What Does the Civics Test Involve?

The civics test portion of the naturalization process specifically tests the candidate’s knowledge of American government, history, and culture.  For instance the candidate may be asked questions like:

There are many, many other such questions that the candidate might be asked in order to demonstrate their knowledge of American civics.  This type of subject matter can be reviewed through various pamphlets related to the naturalization forms.  If more assistance is needed, the candidate might consider hiring a lawyer for more direction and advice.  Under very specific circumstances, the civics test can be waived (applicant usually needs to be over a certain age, and a lawful permanent resident in the U.S. for at least 20 years).

What if I Fail a Naturalization Test?

A second test appointment can usually be scheduled if the applicant has failed the language or civics portions of the naturalization test.  They must usually wait at least 60 to 90 days after their first test.  The application will generally be denied if the applicant fails a second time, so it’s important that person review and consider whether they’re ready for a re-test.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help With a Naturalization Test?

The naturalization test is a very important part of the citizenship application process.  The outcome of the naturalization test can determine whether or not a person is eligible for U.S. citizenship.  If you or any of your loved ones need help with the naturalization process, it’s in your best interests to hire a qualified immigration lawyer.  Your attorney can help ensure that you get the best chances at obtaining citizenship.  If you need to appear before a judge, your lawyer can also represent you during any hearings or court meetings.

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