Court orders are rulings made by judges, and may be written or spoken decisions. They can cover a variety of topics; the most common court orders are:

How Can I Get a Court Order?

Court orders are commonly used in family law matters. Court orders can be issued through two basic methods:

  1. They can be in connection with a court proceeding. For example, during a divorce, child custody, or family abuse hearing.
  2. They can be filed at a separate time from any hearing or proceeding. File your motion with the court and request the specific type of order you want. You will also need to provide evidence in support of your request.

Are There Any Legal Penalties for Not Complying with a Court Order?

Yes, violating a court order can lead to many legal consequences. These can include:

  • Being held in contempt of court
  • Criminal penalties, such as fines or jail time
  • Loss of privileges, such as loss of child custody or visitation rig