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What Is a Certificate of Citizenship?

A certificate of citizenship is issued by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS). It is proof that a person has obtained U.S. citizenship through derivation or acquisition at birth (when born outside the United States). This may occur when U.S. citizen parents give birth to a child in a foreign country.

What Is a Certificate of Naturalization?

A certificate of naturalization is also issued by the USCIS. It is also issued by the Federal Courts or some State Courts. It is proof that a person has obtained U.S. citizenship through naturalization.

How Can I Apply for a Replacement of My Certificate?

If your current certificate of citizenship or naturalization is lost, destroyed, or mutilated, you should apply for a replacement. Also, if you have legally changed your name (i.e. court order, marriage, divorce), you may also apply for a replacement certificate. You should fill out and file Form N-565. File this form in person or by mail at your local USCIS office. Make sure to include the appropriate identification and filing fee. You must also submit current photographs.

Do I Need an Experienced Immigration Law Attorney?

An immigration lawyer would be able to guide you through the immigration laws and inform you of the proper procedure in obtaining a replacement certificate. You may also wish to contact your local USCIS office for the names of organizations that can help you file your application.

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