Human trafficking is a significant part of modern day slavery. The United States is the destination point of about 50,000 people every year that have been abducted, tricked, or forced from their home countries into labor or prostitution. An example of human trafficking is when an ad in another country will promise modeling work in the United States for several thousand dollars in exchange for the transportation fees and passports. Most people that fall for the scam are sold or forced into farm labor or prostitution for the rest of their lives and face extreme physical harm and death if they don’t comply.

What Has the United States Government Done to Stop Human Trafficking?

With the passage of the Victims of Trafficking Violence Protection Act in 2000 (VTVPA), the United States now offers a T nonimmigrant status (I-914) to those who have been illegally brought to the United States against their will. The T nonimmigrant status allows victims of human trafficking to remain in the United States for several years and offers permanent residency in the case of extreme hardship. The T nonimmigrant status also allows family members of the victim to stay in the United States.

Should I Consult an Immigration Lawyer About Human Trafficking?

If you know anyone who is or has been a victim of human trafficking, there are legal ways for the victim to remain in the United States while remaining protected from human trafficking. An immigration lawyer can help a victim of human trafficking find safe haven in the United States. Also, an immigration lawyer can also prepare any necessary paperwork to establish legal residency.