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What Is a Passport?

A passport is a document issued by the United States government that shows your identity and citizenship. You need a passport if you exit or enter the United States, unless there is an exception or special circumstances. 

How Do I Get a Passport?

The Secretary of State issues passports. To get one, you must fill out an application, go in person to a passport office, bring two photos, photo identification, and proof of United States citizenship. You will also have to pay a small fee.

Can my Passport Be Revoked, Restricted, or Limited?

Your passport may be revoked, restricted, or limited for the same reasons your passport application can be denied. These reasons include:

The government will give you written notice explaining the reasons for revoking, restricting, or limiting your passport.

What Can I Do If My Application Is Denied or My Passport Is Revoked, Restricted, or Limited?

You are entitled to administrative review and judicial review. Within 60 days of receiving written notice, you can request an administrative hearing. The hearing will allow you to testify, present evidence and witnesses, and make arguments. The hearing officer will make factual determinations and submit recommendations to the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Passport Services who will make a final determination. If you are not satisfied with the decision, you may appeal to a federal district court.

Should I Contact a Lawyer about My Passport Issue?

A immigration lawyer can advise you about how to prepare for an administrative hearing or represent you at the hearing. A lawyer can also assist you in deciding whether or not to appeal and guide you through the appeals process.

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