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As the Kentucky Bar Association notes on its website, sometimes people in need of an attorney do not know of one to call.  Lawyer referral services were created for just that reason.  These services offer a good first step in finding a lawyer.  However, even though it recognizes the need for attorney referral services, the Kentucky Bar Association does not offer one.

Fortunately, there are several local attorney referral services in Kentucky.  Contact information and the counties that each covers can be found on the Kentucky Bar Association’s and the American Bar Association’s (ABA) websites.  These services can all be reached by telephone.  Most of these services will provide a lawyer referral free of charge.

In addition to these local services, private attorney referral services can be a great help in finding a lawyer.  These private services are located online, and can easily be found with a quick search.  Most of them offer multiple lawyer referrals, and also include information about the lawyers they are referring, which can help you pick the lawyer that is right for you.  These services are generally free to use, and your initial consultation with your lawyer is kept to a low cost.

Even though the Kentucky Bar does not offer lawyer referrals, both local and private attorney referral services offer a great first step in finding an attorney that is right for you.

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