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Learn More About Mount Pleasant, WI

The Village of Mount Pleasant was incorporated in 2003 and is home to 24,000 Racine County residents. Mount Pleasant is popular among Milwaukee and Chicago professionals who are seeking small village lifestyle with the advantages of big city municipal services. Mount Pleasant boasts being a good place to live and an ideal place for raising a family.

Mount Pleasant is home to a lot of friendly folks, some of whom are practicing lawyers. Lawyers in Mount Pleasant are familiar with taking a wide variety of cases, some normal examples include: bankruptcy, child custody, immigration visa, DUI/DWI, and automobile injury cases.

Recently in Mount Pleasant, a locally owned horse got loose and ran onto the highway. The horse was hit and killed by a driver who luckily escaped with minimal injuries. The automobile that struck the 1,400 lb. horse was nearly destroyed when the animal demolished the hood, windshield, and caved in the roof. Racine County Sheriffs said they would be citing the owner of the horse for the incident, a fine, and that they may be liable for the damages caused in the accident.

If you have an automobile injury case to file in Mount Pleasanton then you will be filing with the Racine County Circuit Court. Circuit courts have jurisdiction over tort, contract, real property, civil, and criminal Mount Pleasant cases. If you’re having immigration issues in Mount Pleasant then you’re most likely to be filing with the U.S. Immigration Court in Chicago, Illinois.

LegalMatch remains the most reliable method finding a Mount Pleasant lawyer for free. LegalMatch offers a great customer satisfaction guarantee and is backed by the Better Business Bureau Online. If you’re looking to do some research first, there is a law library on nearly every legal issue and even a great section with tips on selecting the best Mount Pleasant lawyer.

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