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Learn More About Superior, WI

Superior is part of the Twin Ports which are one of the most important United States harbors on the Great Lakes. The City of Superior is the seat of Douglas County and home to 25,000 Wisconsin residents. Superior was the last port of call for the Edmund Fitzgerald before it was sank in 1975. The Fairlawn Mansion is a 43 room behemoth that was built by three time mayor Martin Pattison but today serves as a museum educating visitors on the area’s history including the Hudson’s Bay Company and other fur trapping companies.

Since Superior is the seat of Douglas County it is also a great place to find a reputable lawyer. Lawyers in Superior take a diverse range of cases including bankruptcy, child custody, divorce, immigration visa, and personal injury cases like automobile accidents.

Recently in Superior, ex-Brown University student William McCormick III filed a personal injury lawsuit against the university and 15 employees for allegedly mishandling a rape allegation against him. McCormick claims negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress, false imprisonment, libel and break of contract after being kicked out of the university despite the charges being dropped.

If you have a personal injury case to file in Superior you’ll be heading to the Douglas County Circuit Court in the city of Superior. Wisconsin State Circuit Courts have exclusive jurisdiction over many cases including civil, domestic relations, criminal, juvenile, and probate cases. The U.S. District Court for Eastern Wisconsin will be your location of filing for any bankruptcy motions.

LegalMatch is the most reliable way to find a reputable Superior lawyer completely free of charge. LegalMatch offers a great customer satisfaction guarantee and is backed by the Better Business Bureau Online. If you’re looking to do some research first, there are forums on nearly every legal issue and even a great section with tips on selecting the best lawyer.

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