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Learn More About Janesville, WI

Janesville is the seat of Rock County and calls itself the city of parks. Janesville is home to 60,000 Wisconsin residents. The water skiing team Rock Aqua Jays and the historic Hedberg Public Library which began in 1865 are also found in Janesville.

A number of Janesville residents are lawyers who are familiar with practicing law in Rock County and through out Wisconsin. Lawyers in Janesville take a broad selection of cases such as divorce, bankruptcy, restraining order, immigration, and criminal cases like DUI and felony charges.

Recently in Janesville, police arrested Susan and Earl Rogers on drug charges. Police served a warrant on their residence and found a number of different drugs in the house. Earl Rogers has been charged with 4 counts of maintaining a drug house, 3 counts of delivery of THC, possession of THC with intent to deliver, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession with intent to deliver prescription drugs.

If you have pending criminal charges in Janesville or just want to file a lawsuit, you will probably be visiting the Rock County Circuit Court. Wisconsin Circuit Courts have mandatory jurisdiction over civil, criminal, juvenile, and domestic relations cases. It’s best to consult a qualified lawyer with any case.

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