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Learn More About Brookfield, WI

Just minutes away from Milwaukee and the majority of Milwaukee lawyers, the city of Brookfield is the leading commercial suburb in the southeastern corner of Wisconsin. Shrinky Dinks, the popular craft and children’s toy, were invented in Brookfield in the 1970s by Betty Morris. Brookfield is proud of its educational quality; the School District of Elmbrook enrolls students from several surrounding municipalities in addition to the children of the Brookfield. Al Capone, the infamous mobster, once owned a home in Brookfield where he produced moonshine, and Oprah Winfrey’s mother, Zelma Winfrey, currently lives in the city.

There are also many experienced and talented Brookfield lawyers in the city. If you are facing a legal problem, these local Brookfield attorneys can help you with divorce, personal injury, OWI, tax, intellectual property, antitrust, contract, bankruptcy, and many other legal issues.

In 2008, a Brookfield grocery store owner filed a lawsuit against Arctic Glacier Wisconsin, a company that allegedly has monopoly power over the distribution and sale of ice within the state. The lawsuit claimed that Artic Glacier, along with two other national ice makers and distributors, horizontally allocated the national market and set monopoly prices in violation of the antitrust laws. Currently, the antitrust division of the United States Department of Justice is investigating Artic Glacier and the other companies in order to see if they are in violation of the Sherman Act. The Brookfield grocer is attempting to change his lawsuit into a class action suit so more parties that have grievances against Artic Glacier Wisconsin can join.

Brookfield is a mere 7 miles away from the city of Waukesha, where both a trial and appellate court sit. In addition, Brookfield is very close to Milwaukee, which also has two levels of courts. Depending on your legal situation, you may have to report to any of these courts. Having a lawyer who is comfortable in these courtrooms is important for your case, and Brookfield attorneys fit the bill.

Even though Brookfield lawyers have the experience you need to solve your legal dilemma, it can be hard to find a local attorney who is taking cases. This is where LegalMatch can help you out. After you use our free service, lawyers who are knowledgeable about the subject matter of your case and who are accepting new clients will contact you. Save yourself a lot of time and hassle and try out LegalMatch today!

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