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Learn More About Beloit, WI

Beloit is responsible for the mouth-watering snacks that we Americans have come to love. Beloit is the birthplace of Korn Kurls which resemble today’s Cheetos and are the basis of the  modern snack world. Other great breakthroughs that have come from Beloit include the speedometer and John Francis Appleby’s reaper binder.

Innovations aren’t the city’s only claims to fame; Beloit is also home to a number of outstanding Rock County lawyers. Lawyers in Beloit advise on a broad selection of cases including bankruptcy, child custody, contract dispute, personal injury, and criminal cases like felony charges and DUI.

Recently in Beloit, Kathy Young found a $25.59 facility fee in addition to her $207 physician’s fee after visiting a local optometrist. This “facility fee” is becoming more and more common. Nearly a decade ago an obscure change in the Medicare rules opened the door for provider based billing which is available for medical establishments that have met specific federal requirements. Provider based billing makes it possible for physicians to bill for their services in addition to facility fees without previous notification. In some cases the fee can be upwards of $75.

If you have a malpractice lawsuit to file in Beloit, you will probably be visiting the Rock County Circuit Court which handles nearly every kind of case that may arise in Beloit excluding immigration issues. Wisconsin circuit courts are the highest level court with which to file in Wisconsin and they retain exclusive jurisdiction over civil, domestic relations, criminal, and juvenile cases. Immigration issues are handled by a U.S. Immigration Court.

The most reliable way to find a reputable lawyer in Beloit is through the free services of LegalMatch. Our website is home to the best lawyer matching system that is backed by a satisfaction guarantee as well as a number of legal research tools. Check out our tips to make sure you are matched with the best lawyer for your case.

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