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Learn More About Brown County, WI

Brown County is home to the world famous Green Bay Packers, the celebrated football team that is part of the National Football League. Brown County is one of the two original counties of the state and used to span the entire eastern half of the state. Today, the county offers its residents three institutions of higher learning: The University of Wisconsin – Green Bay, St. Norbert College, and Northeaster Wisconsin Technical College.
When you have had a lawsuit filed against you in Brown County, you should seek the advice of one of the many qualified Brown County lawyers. These legal professionals can assist you with many areas of law including DUI, criminal defense, divorce, child custody, personal injury, contracts, business, real estate, wills, probate, and more.
Wisconsin is known for being one of the more environmentally friendly states in the country, and Brown County is no exception. Recently, a Brown County company was fined $6,539 and ordered to remove underground fuel tanks from its property. It appears that the Department of Commerce had inspected the closed down gas station and found several violations of the storage and maintenance codes as they applied to the tanks that were still underground. The Commerce Department referred the matter to the Brown County Department of Justice, which recently got a default judgment against the owner of the land in Brown County Circuit Court.
If you have been served with legal papers in Brown County, you can likely expect that you will have to file a response in and show up to the Brown County Circuit Court, which is part of the trial court system for Wisconsin. Appearing before a judge in court can be an intimidating experience, which is why it would be useful and likely beneficial for you to retain a local attorney to represent you.
If you have been struggling to find a great local Brown County lawyer who is willing to take your case, you should put down the phone book and check out We offer you a free and unique way of finding legal services for your situation. By simply filling out some background information about your case when you visit our site, we are able to match you to an attorney in your area that has experienced with the laws that apply to your lawsuit.
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