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Learn More About Greenfield, WI

Greenfield is a bedroom community in Milwaukee County with 36,000 Wisconsin residents. Greenfield is home to notables such as NASCAR driver Alan Kulwicki, professional baseball player Craig Kusick, and footballers John Dekker and Matt Turk.

Greenfield is home to lawyers who are well acquainted with local courts and filing procedures.  Lawyers in Greenfield take a broad mix of cases such as bankruptcy, child support, felony, probate, personal injury, and immigration cases.

Recently in Greenfield, Daniel L. Newman Jr. was sentenced by a Milwaukee County judge to 3 years for a home invasion and robbery. The victim was bound to a heater with her infant daughter and groped before the two masked men robbed the residence. Newman was caught in a traffic stop in possession of the loot and a gun in his automobile.

If you have a motion to file in Greenfield then you will be heading to the Milwaukee County Circuit Court. Wisconsin Circuit Courts have exclusive jurisdiction over civil, domestic relations, criminal, and juvenile cases.

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