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Learn More About Racine County, WI

Racine County is in the southeast of Wisconsin and is home to about 200,000 residents. Aside from a standout Sheriff’s Department, Racine County is home to a number of farmers and despite developments still remains largely a rural community. Racine County is the fifth most populous county in the state of Wisconsin.

In the News: Recently in Racine County, one of Fox Networks’ bride-zillas may be facing charges. Karee Gibson says that she was just playing the game but her probation officer said it’s a violation of her parole agreement that came from a high school fight. Now 21, married, and a mother, Gibson’s lawyers say she’d asked her parole officer to appear on the show and hadn’t acted inexcusably.

Information About Racine County, Wisconsin Legal System

There are many resources and sites that provide legal and general information about the laws and regulation for Racine County, Wisconsin. For more information o Racine County lawyers and courts, please see the links below:

The Clerk of Circuit Court that is a Wisconsin Constitutional Officer that is elected every four years by the voters of Racine County mostly governs Racine County’s legal system. Clerks of Circuit Courts are governed by the Wisconsin Statutes in all duties and responsibilities. The responsibilities are the circuit court level involves duties such as all the court proceedings, record management, jury, collection of fees. The Clerk of Circuit Court also is responsibility for the budgeting and making effective policies and maintaining the court system within the County.

Legal Issues in Racine County, Wisconsin

If you are facing any legal issues in Racine County, your problem may be answered here or you may need to hire an experienced attorney if the problem is very complex. Racine County is also home to a number of lawyers who are familiar with local issues and courts. Lawyers in Racine County advise on a mixed selection of cases like bankruptcy, immigration, child support, criminal, personal injury, and estate administration.

If you face criminal charges in Racine County or just want to file a lawsuit, you’re likely to be visiting the Racine County Circuit Court. Circuit Courts in Wisconsin handle cases like civil, domestic relations, criminal, and juvenile cases. They will likely be the court with which you will file; however, it’s best to consult a certified Racine County lawyer to ensure correct filing.

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