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Learn More About Wauwatosa, WI

Named after the Potawatomic word for firefly, Wauwatosa encompasses two significant points of interest. First is the Werner Hegemann neighborhood. Hegemann is known for being a famous city planner. The second attraction is the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church which was planned by the renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright and completed in 1961.
Recently, the former Wauwatosa Education Association President was charged with embezzling nearly $22,000 from the Wauwatosa School District. The embezzlement took place over a four month period ultimately culminating in her resignation on January 9, 2009. Her criminal trial is pending.
The Wauwatosa Municipal Court handles mainly lesser offences like ordinance violations, first time drunk driving cases, and curfew violations. If your case is larger, it may be filed in the Milwaukee County Circuit Court in Wauwatosa.  Wisconsin Circuit courts deal with civil and criminal cases. Some examples of Circuit Court cases are civil claims, juvenile cases, and probate matters. Keep in mind that Circuit Court does not handle appeals.
Lawyers in Wauwatosa are well trained in criminal, business, medical malpractice, personal injury law and are able to deal with any type of court. Since Wauwatosa is in the Milwaukee Metropolitan area, most lawyers will be able to assist you throughout the county and even state. Many big Milwaukee lawyers reside in Wauwatosa and it is important to find the lawyer that specializes in your particular area of interest.
The best way to find top notch lawyers specializing in your case without flipping through a phone book is to visit LegalMatch. After you enter your case information, the best lawyers in Wauwatosa and Milwaukee County will be reviewing your case while still protecting your identity, for free! The best part is that LegalMatch guarantees your satisfaction. If you aren’t familiar with Wauwatosa and Wisconsin court matters, it’s in your best interest to check out LegalMatch.
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