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Learn More About Manitowoc, WI

Manitowoc is the seat of Manitowoc County located along Lake Michigan and the mouth of the Manitowoc River. Manitowoc is home to 35,000 residents but supports many bedroom communities as well. One well known Manitowoc business is the Burger Boat Company, the oldest custom yacht builder in America and only produces 2 or 3 yachts each year.

Manitowoc also offers some very knowledgeable lawyers who are well acquainted with local courts. Lawyers in Manitowoc take a diverse selection of cases, not limited to: bankruptcy, child custody, medical malpractice, DUI, and immigration cases.

Recently in Manitowoc, Sean Sylvester Copening was arrested for disorderly conduct related domestic violence. Copening was allegedly intoxicated when he verbally and physically assaulted a woman. Wisconsin law mandates the aggressor in domestic violence calls to be arrested.

If you have a restraining order of divorce motion to file in Manitowoc then you will be heading to the Manitowoc County Circuit Court. Wisconsin Circuit Courts have exclusive jurisdiction over civil, domestic relations, criminal, juvenile, and real property cases. It’s important to consult a lawyer to ensure that you are following the correct filing procedure for each court and division.

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