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Learn More About Milwaukee County, WI

Milwaukee County is one of the big counties that is located in the state of Wisconsin. Milwaukee County was created in 1834 and takes its name from the word “Mahnawaukee-Seep,” which, in one Native American culture, means “gathering place by the river.” Milwaukee County lies in the southeast Wisconsin, and features 41 lakes, as well as numerous rivers, including the Menomonee, Milwaukee, Kinnickinnic, and Root River. Milwaukee serves as the county seat, and sits on Lake Michigan’s southwestern shore.

Milwaukee County is home to about 951,000 people; although, according to Wisconsin Demographic Services Center projections, the county’s population may be in decline. Specifically, the Center forecasts that Milwaukee County’s population will lose 77,000 residents by 2030.

Information About the Legal System in Milwaukee County

Milwaukee County is home to the Marquette University Law School, which provides its students a number of unique educational opportunities; for instance, students can participate in the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program or the Restorative Justice Initiative. Milwaukee County also boasts a large judiciary. The Milwaukee County Circuit Court is the largest circuit court branch in Wisconsin, and it is staffed by 47 elected judges.

Recently, Milwaukee County instituted the first electronic deed registry in Wisconsin. This development could make filing tasks easier for the county and will increase the speed with which homebuyers can complete their transactions.

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Getting Legal Assistance in Milwaukee County

There are approximately 52,000 lawyers in Milwaukee County alone, with many of them being Milwaukee lawyers. About half of these lawyers are members of the Milwaukee Bar Association, a voluntary organization of legal professionals, which serves as a valuable educational and networking resource. These lawyers practice in a variety of legal areas such as criminal law, personal injury, and family law.

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