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Learn More About Eau Claire, WI

The city of Eau Claire is the primary city in and the county seat of Eau Claire County. In 2007, the city was named by America’s Promise as one of the 100 Best Communities for Young People. In addition, Eau Claire was one of the first cities in Wisconsin to be named as a Tree City. The city is also home to the well recognized University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire.

If you need legal help in Eau Claire, you have the option of choosing between many successful Eau Claire lawyers. These attorneys regularly represent their clients in most every area of law including personal injury, DUI, criminal defense, tax, bankruptcy, divorce, child support and more.

A resident assistance at the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire recently dropped his lawsuit against the school. He had originally filed the lawsuit because of the school’s policy against resident assistants leading bible-study classes in their own rooms. The Eau Claire student thought that this ban violated his First Amendment rights. The school temporarily suspended the ban when the lawsuit was filed and studied the subject through its own committee. Ultimately, the Eau Claire school relented and allowed Christian resident assistants to hold bible study classes. In response, the student dropped his lawsuit.

Residents of Eau Claire who need to file a lawsuit there would be well advised to hire an attorney who is familiar with the Eau Claire County Circuit Court. By doing so, the client can be assured that his attorney knows and can follow the rules that this court imposes on all the cases that are heard there. This court is located in Eau Claire and hears all types of cases including civil, criminal, family, juvenile and traffic violations.

If you have been struggling to find the right Eau Claire lawyer for your case, LegalMatch is here for you. With our unique legal matching system, you will often hear from multiple attorneys, which gives you the opportunity to compare and make the best choice for your situation. We give you access to hard to find information like attorney profiles that include billing structures, as well as past client reviews. Best of all, this entire service is free for you to use!

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