Does Getting Married Affect Your Credit Score?

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What Will Happen to My Credit When I Get Married?

The moment you are married, your credit reports will not merge. Your respective credit scores will stay separate. Also, your new spouse’s credit history will not be reflected in your credit history. So, your score will not fall just because you married a person with bad credit. Conversely, your credit score will not increase because you married a person with excellent credit.

Even if your wife changes her last name, her credit score will remain the same. A person’s credit score is tied to their social security number.

Will My Spouse’s Poor Credit Affect Me?

Your spouse’s credit history will affect you if you both apply for joint lines of credit. This is because the bank and lender will look at both of your credit scores before giving out a line of credit.

If the two of you pay your debts on time on the joint line of credit, then a spouse’s poor credit will not be reflected on your credit report. But if your spouse does not pay the debt in a timely manner, then both of your credit scores will be affected.

How Do I Prevent My Spouse Poor Credit from Affecting Me?

This merely depends on how you apply for and use credit. If you do not have joint lines of credit with your spouse, then their poor credit will not affect you. This is especially true if you keep all of your finances separate.

Should I Consult a Lawyer?

If you are concerned about your spouse’s bad credit, then you need to consult a family lawyer. Your lawyer can help you find alternative methods to resolve your financial problems.

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