Change the Name and Gender on Your Birth Certificate in Oregon

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How to Change the Name and Gender on Your Birth Certificate in Oregon

Oregon recognizes that a birth certificate is a vital piece of paper. They are the root to social security benefits, professional licensing, obtaining passport, and enrolling in school. With inconsistent documents, many obstacles are present. Thus, as of January 1, 2014, Oregon got rid of the surgery requirement for transgender individual to amend their birth certificates.

Other Requirements in Oregon

Instead of being required to obtain gender reassignment surgery, the individual must only acquire appropriate treatment for the purpose of gender transition. The individual must have a treatment plan with a doctor.

How Do I Obtain a Court Order?

Like any other amendments to a birth certificate, Oregon requires the individual to obtain a court order. Here, for a gender change, you must get a letter from your health care provider stating that there is a treatment plan for you. Additionally, if you want to change your name as well, you need to state that in the court order petition as well.

How Do I Amend My Birth Certificate?

Once your court order is granted, you may file an amendment request with Oregon Vital Records. You must submit your doctors’ letter, original certified court order, application form, and appropriate fees to get a new birth certificate.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

An experienced Oregon lawyer can help you file and obtain all the necessary paperwork. He will also make sure all documents are correct such that the process is expedited. When there are errors on your court order, which the petitioner must draft, the judge may not grant it and you will not be able to amend your birth certificate.

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