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Most Common Family Law Issues:

What Is Family Court?

Family court is a specific division of the civil law court system. The family law court system oversees various types of family law disputes and legal claims. These include major issues such as child custody or abuse cases. During family court sessions, a family law judge presides over the hearings and meetings. The judge oversees the claims to help finalize court orders for the parties.

For instance, the judge might help to finalize a child visitation schedule for the parties. This can help ensure that the court order is valid enforceable according to New York state laws.

What Kinds of Cases Are Handled in Bronx Family Court?

Generally speaking, the Bronx family court system handles most family law cases except for annulment, separations, and divorces. These are handled directly by the New York Supreme Court. Cases heard in the Bronx Family Court system include:

In addition, the court may also deal with issues that involve juvenile defendants. These may include cases revolving around juvenile delinquency or truancy.

What Are Orders of Protection?

The Bronx family court also handles cases that involve an order of protection. This is common in cases where there is abuse or neglect of a child, spouse, or other close relative. These can include temporary restraining orders, emergency orders, and other orders. The court may also assess instances where the order has been violated in some way.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with Family Law Matters?

Family laws can sometimes be challenging for people to understand. It may be in your best interests to hire an experienced Bronx, NY lawyer for assistance with your family law claim. Your attorney can provide you with legal advice, and representation during the family court process.

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