Changing Names for Transgender People in Washington

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Changing Names for Transgender People in Washington

As your name is your unique identifier, a transgender individual may want to legally change his or her name as soon as possible. In Washington, virtually any one can change his or her name.

How to Change My Name?

Changing your name is a 4-step process. First, you must locate your local district court. Second, you must file with the court the appropriate name change papers (i.e. petition and proposed order) and fees. These paperwork and fees are not universal amongst the districts. Third, you must schedule and attend a court hearing. The purpose of the hearing is to ensure that the name change is not for illicit means such as avoiding crime or debt. Lastly, upon granting of your name change, the judge will give you a name change order, in which you may go to Washington’s Department of Licensing to get a new drivers license or identification card.

Do I Need to Provide Supporting Documents?

Yes, a judge wants a letter from your therapist recommending the name change.

Do I Need an Attorney?

An experienced Washington State lawyer can help you locate your appropriate district court, prepare your court petition and proposed order, and represent you in court. Without an detailed and correct court order, you will not be able to obtain new legal documents reflecting your new name.

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