Family courts specifically handle family law matters. They are civil courts and may be utilized for various types of family-related claims. A family court judge presides over the court and is trained to handle different family law issues. Many different types of personnel contribute to the operations of family courts, including:

What Types of Claims are Processed in Family Court?

Family courts process all types of claims, including:

Are all Family Law Matters Processed in Family Law Court?

Not all family law matters go to court. Many family law issues are resolved through alternative, out-of-court methods. For instance, family law mediation is common for issues like divorce or property settlements. Mediation is where a third neutral party helps facilitate a discussion between the parties so they can resolve the dispute.

Some family law issues also involve criminal matters (such as domestic cases involving assault). These must be processed accordingly in a criminal court.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with Family Law Court?

Issues in family law can often require legal assistance. They can also take a long time to fully resolve. You may wish to hire a family law lawyer if you need help with any family law issues. Your attorney can provide you with legal assistance for your claim. Also, if you need to appear in family law court, your attorney can represent you and guide you during the process.