How to Legally Change Your Name in Oregon

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How to Legally Change Your Name in Oregon

Oregon has a two-step process to complete a legal name change: 1) obtain a court order and 2) file with the Oregon Vital Records. The process is subject to Oregon’s fraud prevention system so that names cannot easily be changed.

How Do I Get a Court Order?

The individual who wants to change their name must petition with the court to get a court order. Only when the name change is granted, then you may proceed to the next step.

What Do I Need to File with Oregon?

Upon getting a court order, your name will not automatically be changed on your birth certificate. You must provide the following documents and send it to the Oregon Vital Records:

How Does Oregon Prevent Fraud?

Oregon documents name changes. On the newly issued birth certificate, there will be a footnote referencing the prior name and the court order. If the person obtained a sealed name change record, then the footnote will merely mention that there was a sealed name change.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Navigating the legal system and obtaining court orders is a challenging and intimidating process. If you need the help to obtain a name change, then contact an attorney. Moreover, a lawyer can help you look over your documents to prevent any mistakes or delays in getting a new birth certificate.

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