Family courts are special divisions of a civil court system. Family courts may hear a variety of claims that involve disputes within families or households. A specially appointed family law judge presides over the hearings and conducts court sessions. Family law attorneys represent their clients in a number of capacities during court sessions.

In most cases, family court claims can take at least several months to complete. Some matters, such as emergency restraining orders, may be completed in much shorter periods of time.

What Types of Claims Are Heard in Miami Family Courts?

Family courts in Miami may hear a variety of legal claims, which may include:

Some courts may also process probate requests and issues as well. Certain family law issues can also be filed online through the Miami family court system.

Do Family Courts in Miami Offer Special Services?

Some courts may offer special services in the following categories:

  • Simplified divorce hearings
  • Child Support
  • Alimony
  • Name changes

Some of these special services may have beneficial aspects such as reduced costs and expedited processing. You may need to inquire with a family law attorney if you have any questions about special services in a family law case.

Should I Hire a Family Lawyer in Miami?

Family law issues can often be very serious and may require immediate legal attention. You may need to hire a family lawyer for help you need to file a claim in a Miami family law court. A qualified lawyer in Miami, Florida will be able to help you and represent you during the legal process. Also, if you need to attend any meetings or hearings, your attorney can be on hand to guide and instruct you.