In Florida, the Bureau of Vital Statistics oversees all death certificates. When a person wants to correct errors on a death certificate, he must file the appropriate paperwork.

Death Amendments

When you want to amend the demographic information on a death certificate, you may need to provide the supporting evidence. The Bureau of Vital Statistics does not randomly correct all mistakes. The Bureau of Vital Statistics needs supporting evidence to prevent fraud and to keep an accurate record. Demographic information includes items such as the decedent’s race. Generally, the funeral director is the person who originally fills out this information on the death certificates.

Medical Amendments

Medical amendments are also known as amendments to the cause of death. Essentially, a physician or medical examiner must fill out the application for amendment. The physicians and medical examiners are the ones who determine the cause of death. Moreover, for such an amendment, the requesters must provide an affidavit from the physician or medical examiner.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

An experienced Florida family lawyer can help you amend death certificates. Moreover, the lawyer can help you determine whether you have standing to correct the death certificate and whether there are grounds to correct the death certificate.