In Alabama, any person 18 years or older can freely get married. Minors ages 16 and 17 can get married so long as they have parental consent.

What If Minors Can’t Get Parental Consent?

For cases where a parent has sole custody of the minor, the minor does not need to get consent from the parent without custody. The minor must only get consent from the parent with sole custody and bring proof that the parent has sole custody.

For cases where both parents are deceased, the minor must provide death certificates of her parents. Further, her legal guardians must provide a certified copy of their court appointed paperwork.

Do I Need to Be a Resident?

Anyone can get married in Alabama. You do not need to be a resident, and do not have to wait a certain period to get married.

Same Sex Marriage in Alabama

As of 2014, Alabama does not recognize same sex marriages or civil unions.

Can First Cousins Marry?

First cousins are allowed to marry each other in Alabama. This is because Alabama recognizes common law marriages. A common law marriage is one where two persons has mental capacity to enter into a marriage, have an agreement to be married, and carries themselves out in public as a married couple.

Marriage Licenses

Before any person can marry a person, the couple must have a marriage license. A marriage license is a court document allowing the couple to get married. If the couple is married without a marriage license, the officiant will be fined $1,000.

Should I Consult an Family Lawyer?

If you are considering getting married in Alabama, you may consult a lawyer. Your family law lawyer can help you overcome any obstacles you have in getting married. Also, your lawyer can help you draft a prenuptial agreement to protect your individual assets if needed.