A family lawyer is a legal professional who assists clients who are facing various types of family issues or disputes. Also called family law attorneys, or family law lawyers, these types of lawyers may perform tasks such as:

  • Researching relevant family laws on behalf of the client
  • Interpreting and explaining laws
  • Examining facts surrounding particular conflict, legal issue, or incident
  • Representing clients in court
  • Helping clients with legal documents and court orders
  • Filing papers

In addition, family lawyers may also approach legal conflicts from a more solution-oriented approach rather than an adversarial or conflict-based legal strategy. For instance, they may represent clients and assist them during mediation, counseling, interventions, and other alternative dispute resolution methods.

What Are Some Common Family Law Issues in the State of Maryland?

Some common legal issues that arise under Maryland family laws include:

Maryland family lawyers may handle a variety of different claims under family law. Or, some attorneys may focus on a specific subject of law, such as divorce or child custody.

What Is Family Court?

All family law disputes and legal matters are generally processed in Maryland’s family court or family law court system. This is a specific division of the state’s civil law court system. Family law judges preside over the hearings and make judgments based on state laws, as well as the facts involved in each case. Some family law matters may be partially resolved out of court, such as when the parties agree to engage in family mediation.

Should I Hire a Lawyer for Help with Family Law Issues?

Maryland family laws can sometimes be complex and difficult to comprehend. You may wish to hire a qualified Maryland lawyer if you need legal representation for a family law issue. Your attorney can provide you with assistance for whatever legal issues you may be facing. Also if you have any specific questions, your attorney can help address these according to the laws in Maryland.