Obtaining Marriage and Divorce Records

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What Is a Marriage or Divorce Record?

The National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) collects certain information concerning marriage and divorce in its population surveys. This information typically includes: 

The main information that the NCHS collects is the total number of marriages and divorces. The NCHS has also gathered information on cohabitation, marriage, divorce, and remarriage in its surveys.

Where Can I Obtain Marriage or Divorce Records?

There should be an official certificate or your marriage or divorce on file in the locality where the parties were married or divorced. It will be filed in either a State vital statistics office or another local office. 

How Can I Obtain My Marriage or Divorce Records?

If someone want to get a copy of marriage or divorce records, they should write to or visit the vital statistics office in the locality where they were married or divorced. Consider taking these steps: 

What Information Do I Need to Include?

You should include: 

Do I Need a Lawyer?

A family lawyer would be able to tell you how to obtain marriage or divorce records and may provide guidance on how to deal with government agencies.

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