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About Mesa, Arizona

Mesa is the third-largest city in Arizona, with a population of about 460,155, and lies 15 miles east of Phoenix, the state’s capital.  Mesa residents enjoy access to flourishing business districts as well as suburban areas replete with beautiful parks and golf courses.  Outdoor activities are popular in Mesa, which is known for its pleasant climate.  In fact, Mesa benefits from more days of sunshine per year than even San Diego or Miami Beach, and has an average of 300 days of sunshine annually.  Mesa also offers easy access to mountains for those who prefer skiing and snow sports. 

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Immigration Lawyers in Mesa, Arizona

Since Mesa, AZ is located in a state that is so close to the border, there are many immigration problems within Mesa, AZ. Recently a poll was conducted that said illegal immigration is a major issue within the state. In 2008, Arizona adopted what many consider one of the strictest immigration laws in the nation.

If you are facing deportation or face any legal issues that involve immigration, it is highly recommended to contact a Mesa Immigration lawyer who can guide you through the complex and strict immigration process within the state of Arizona.

Getting Legal Assistance in Mesa, Arizona

Mesa is one of the fastest-growing cities in the US, and is home to Fortune 500 companies such as Avnet, Phelps Dodge, and Allied Waste Industries.  In addition, more than 400 lawyers are licensed to practice in Mesa, and many belong to the Maricopa Bar Association and the State Bar of Arizona

Mesa lawyers have practices in many areas, including criminal defense law, personal bankruptcy law, real estate law, and divorce law

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Information About the Legal System in Mesa, Arizona

Mesa is part of one of the biggest court systems since it is a county located in Arizona. The Arizona Court system has three levels: Limited jurisdiction courts, General jurisdiction courts, and Appellate Jurisdiction.

Most cases that are heard in Mesa, Arizona are heard either in the city courts which are located in the Mesa Municipal Court or the county courts which are located in Maricopa County Superior Courts

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