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Learn More About Casa Grande, AZ

Casa Grande is halfway between Tucson and Phoenix. Its convenient location has led to its rapid growth to over 40,000 and boasts an outstanding public library system that offers a talking book and literacy program. Other Casa Grande attractions include a number of restaurants and retail centers.

Casa Grande is also home to a number of talented lawyers, including a number of Tucson lawyers, who are familiar with local courts and procedures. Lawyers in Casa Grande take a wide variety of cases like bankruptcy, green card immigration, personal injury, DUI, and wrongful termination cases.

Recently, a Casa Grande homeowners association was named in a lawsuit for allegedly taking over $665,000 in funds from the Desert Camel Lot Owners Association. Las Vegas developer Shawn Lampman and Denver real-estate consultant Robert Bealmear own most of the lots in the Camel subdivision and make up two of the three DC Lot Owners board. Lampman and Bealmear both were found grossly negligent in failing to protect to, protect, preserve, or detect these withdrawals, which constituted the bulk of the liquid assets of the association.

If you have a case to file in Casa Grande, you will likely be visiting the Pinal County Superior Court. Superior courts in Arizona are the highest level trial court with which you may file and keep exclusive jurisdiction over cases like probate and felony criminal cases but also take tort, contract, real property, civil, domestic relations, and juvenile cases.

LegalMatch is the premier method of selecting a Casa Grande lawyer who’s able to help you solve any legal issue that you may be facing. LegalMatch provides a number of online legal resources like the law library, tips on selecting the best Casa Grande lawyer, and a great law blog.

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