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Arizona is the sixth largest and the 14th most populated state in the U.S. In 2008, Arizona passed the toughest illegal immigration legislation in the nation, the SB 1070. There are over 12,000 resident lawyers in Arizona who specialize in areas of law including family law, bankruptcy, and personal injury.

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Learn More About Arizona

Arizona is a state in the southern region of the United State and is the sixth largest state in the US. In 1912, Arizona was the last contiguous state to be admitted to the Union. Over the years, this Southwestern state has played a large part in criminal procedure as well as immigration reform; and it continues to assert its voice on issues affecting the gay community.

Legal News: A landmark case that occured in Arizona that changed the ways that police interrogate individuals was the Miranda vs. Arizona case. In 1966, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down Miranda v. Arizona, a case which greatly impacted the rights of criminal suspects across the nation.  In Miranda, the Court outlined certain rights for defendants who are in police custody. First, statements made by a defendant in response to an interrogation are admissible in court only if the prosecution shows that the defendant was informed of his right to confer with a lawyer before and during questioning.

Further, a criminal defendant must have understood his rights and voluntarily waived them; otherwise, his confession is inadmissible in court under the Fifth Amendment. Additionally, Miranda holds that a defendant’s confession is inadmissible if he was not informed of his right to representation under the Sixth Amendment, and he waived this right.  Miranda is the reason why police departments nationwide must give people they arrest a “Miranda warning,” in which the rights outlined above are disclosed.

If you are facing a criminal issue, contact an Arizona criminal defense attorney who can assist you in your case and guide you through the complex criminal justice system in Arizona

Immigration Lawyers in Arizona

In 2008, Arizona adopted what many consider one of the strictest immigration laws in the nation. Under the Arizona law, a State Superior Court may suspend an employer’s business license if it intentionally or knowingly hires people who are unauthorized to work in the country, and the court may revoke such a license after a second violation. The law also specifies that Arizona employers must verify new hires’ eligibility to work by using the Basic Plot Program.

Many business associations have challenged this immigration law; however, a U.S. District Court of Arizona found that the federal Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) permits states to impose local licensing sanctions like the one at issue in Arizona, and the Arizona law affords employers sufficient procedural due process.

If you have any immigration issues in Arizona and need to get legal assistance, present your case to an immigration lawyer in Arizona for a free case evaluation.

Information About the Legal System in Arizona

Arizona has one of the biggest court systems in the US. The Arizona Court system has three levels: Limited jurisdiction courts, General jurisdiction courts, and Appellate Jurisdiction. The limited jurisdiction courts involve any courts within the city or municipal courts and is restricted to certain cases depending on the subject and money involved. The Superior Court of Arizona have the general jurisidiction to hear most cases. Superior COurts are located in each of Arizona’s counties and is refferred to by location. The Appellate Jurisdiction consist of the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Arizona.

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According to a recent poll conducted by the American Bar Association, there are 12,793 resident lawyers practicing in Arizona. These lawyers specialize in many areas of law, including family law, bankruptcy, and personal injury. No matter what type of legal issue you’re facing, LegalMatch can help. This free service provides clients with a list of pre-screened local lawyers who specialize in the appropriate area of law.

Use LegalMatch to quickly find lawyers that can assist you in you case in Arizona. Present your case to a local Arizona lawyer and the Attorneys will evaluate your case and may respond with an offer of service.

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