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Learn More About Pinal County, AZ

Pinal County, located in central Arizona just outside the Phoenix area, is home to about 390,000 Arizona residents. Pinal County is known for its nationally protected areas like the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument, Coronado National Forest, and Hohokam Pima National Monument.

In the News: Recently, judges in Pinal County have raised concerns about the ethics and tactics of Pinal County prosecutors. For the third time in one month, a local judge declared a mistrial in a death-penalty murder case. The judge in this specific case was concerned about an employee from the County Attorney’s office interviewing a defendant without his counsel being present. The Pinal County Attorney’s Office admitted to some "inadvertent" mistakes and vowed to continue pursuing these matters in an ethical manner.

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Other than spectacular outdoor life, Pinal County is also home to a number of lawyers who are knowledgeable of local courts. Lawyers in Pinal County handle a wide array of legal matters, such as DUI, personal injury, real estate, bankruptcy, criminal defense, wills and trusts, and immigration.

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