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Learn More About San Luis, AZ

San Luis is located in Yuma County in the state of Arizona, near the U.S./Mexico border. The city was founded in 1930 and officially incorporated in 1979.   Its local economy consists mainly of retail, agriculture, and manufacturing industries. The city is also noted for its assembly plants.

As the second fastest growing place in all of Arizona, San Luis has experienced tremendous growth and population booms. During the years of 1980-2000, the city went from 1,900 inhabitants to 20,000. The population growth is largely due to continuous migration from Mexico and California, since the city lies along the borders of both. San Luis is an important part of the industrial and commercial zone of southwest Arizona. San Luis also has an undeveloped beach area where visitors enjoy beach camping and riding all-terrain vehicles.

Getting Legal Assistance in San Luis, Arizona

There are many attorneys in San Luis, Arizona, and using can help you find the right one. LegalMatch is an online company that matches attorneys with clients for free. These attorneys can represent you in many diverse areas of law including: personal injury, bankruptcy, automobile accidents, tax, DUI, arson, assault, divorce, child custody and alimony issues and more.

San Luis is one of the cities in Arizona that deals with a lot of immigration issues since it is close to the border. San Luis provides its residents with affordable immigration lawyers that provide thorough information regarding your immigration status and other immigration issues.

Information About the Legal System in San Luis, Arizona

Cases in San Luis are heard at the City of San Luis Municipal Court. The municipal court has jurisdiction over various civil and criminal cases. More complex claims are heard at the Yuma County Superior Court of Arizona. For more information on legal resources in San Luis, Arizona, visit the following links:

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You can also learn more information on lawyer services and LegalMatch’s online client-attorney matching, read our detailed article entitled How to Find a Lawyer.

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