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Learn More About Oro Valley, AZ

Oro Valley is located in Pima County, Arizona and currently has a population of about 43,000. The city was incorporated fairly recently in 1974 and is located approximately 6 miles north of Tucson. During the 1990’s, Oro Valley was the record fastest growing area in Arizona, with its population increasing from about 6,600 to 29,000 people during the years of 1990-2000.
Oro Valley has been listed in several magazines as one of the top ten places to live at in America. It experienced most of its residential growth during the 1980’s and 90’s. The city is one of Arizona’s most affluent municipalities, and boasts a number of master-planned residential communities, country clubs and resorts. Oro Valley has one of the highest median household incomes in the entire Southwest area, and manages to balance environmental conservation with significant population growth.
The story of Steam Pump Ranch demonstrates Oro Valley’s commitment to maintaining historical and environmental sites in the city. Located on North Oracle Road in the heart of Oro Valley, the Steam Pump Ranch was built in the 1870’s when George Pusch settled the area. Several historical houses and buildings are located on the ranch. In May of 2007, the Town of Oro Valley officially acquired the property from John Leiber and OVB Partners for nearly $4.5 million. The acquisition ended a three-year long legal struggle to purchase the15-acre property. According to the city’s legal department, funds for the purchase came from Pima County bonds.
The real estate market forms much of the core of Oro Valley’s economy. Purchasing and selling property involves making many important decisions, and so it is necessary to consult with an attorney regarding real estate matters. There are several lawyers practicing in the Oro Valley area, and using can help you find the right one. After completing an online application, LegalMatch will match you with an attorney for free.
Basic legal claims in Oro Valley are heard at the Oro Valley Magistrate Court. The magistrate court has limited jurisdiction over civil and criminal ordinance violations, and conducts preliminary hearings. More advanced claims may be brought in the Pima County Justice Court, and appeals are heard in the Pima County Superior Court.
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