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Learn More About Flagstaff, AZ

Flagstaff is a city in northern Arizona. The city’s name derives from the Flagstaff Tea Party, a scouting party from Boston who camped near the location in 1855 and stripped a Poderosa Pine to make a flagpole to fly the United States flag. Due to its elevation, Flagstaff became home to the Lowell Observatory which first discovered Pluto and was later used to map the moon for lunar expeditions for the Apollo Program.

Lawyers in Flagstaff specialize in many fields. One can find legal representation in Flagstaff for bankruptcy, criminal defense, divorce, personal injury, divorce, child custody, business and other legal fields. An effective attorney must be specialized in your requisite field to build an effective case.

Recently the U.S. Supreme Court refused to review a ruling by the Ninth Circuit which allowed Arizona Snowbowl to make snow on their ski mountain. A dispute arose when the company owning the ski area wanted to make artificial snow on a mountain that the local Native American tribes held as sacred. The Native Americans opposed the idea of using wastewater to create snow on their mountains. The Ninth Circuit court did, however, maintain that the Native American tribe does retain right of access for the purpose of conducting traditional ceremonies.

If you have a case in Flagstaff, AZ that involves a federal question, it should first be taken to the Arizona Federal District Court. A more local issue will likely be taken to the Coconino County Superior Court. It is important that your attorney knows which court to file your case in and that he is familiar with the court house. An attorney who is familiar with your location can tailor your case accordingly which can make the difference between the right and wrong ruling.

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