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Learn More About Queen Creek, AZ

Queen Creek is a town located within both Maricopa and Pinal counties of Arizona. Newly incorporated in 1989, Queen Creek has grown from less than 4,000 residents to over 26,000 residents in 2010. This was largely due to low-tax refuges, causing construction industry to rapidly build houses for new residents. After the nation’s housing bust, property values have decreased and unemployment has increased within the town.

During times of economic strife, individuals sometimes must consider the option of filing for bankruptcy. There are many attorneys practicing in the Queen Creek area who specialize in bankruptcy law, and are familiar with the Arizona Bankruptcy Courts, which belongs to the federal court system.
As for other matters arising out of the Queen Creek area, your case may be heard by a variety of different courts. For local and relatively minor issues, your case most likely will be heard by the Town of Gilbert Municipal Court, which serves residents of Queen Creek and handles misdemeanors, traffic and ordinance violations, and protection orders.
The Town of Queen Creek does not have a municipal court system of its own.
For civil disputes up to $10,000, your case will be heard by either the Maricopa County Justice Courts, or the Pinal County Justice Courts, depending on what part of Queen Creek your case arose out of. These courts may also preside over misdemeanors, traffic violations, and protection orders.
The Maricopa County Superior Court and the Pinal County Superior Court have exclusive authority over felony charges, juvenile matters, and civil disputes over $10,000. However, it still retains authority over civil disputes involving $5,000 or more, as well as domestic relations matters like protection orders.
There is considerable jurisdictional overlap amongst these courts, which can cause much confusion for the layman seeking legal redress. LegalMatch partners with many reputable lawyers in the Queen Creek area who have much experience in navigating the court system, and can match you with an attorney that will effectively represent your case, at a price you can afford. Visit our website to begin your search for the right attorney.
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