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When in need of legal representation in Phoenix, there are many choices. There are over 8,000 attorneys licensed to practice in the Phoenix area. Picking a lawyer out of the Phoenix yellow pages is a complete stab in the dark. For this reason, can prove to be a very valuable tool for finding Phoenix lawyers. only deals with lawyers in good standing with their respective bar associations.

Choosing the wrong Phoenix lawyer can have serious consequences. An incompetent lawyer, in addition to losing your case, might interfere with your ability to bring it again, if he or she misses an important filing deadline, or makes some other major mistake.

Immigration Law is a big issue in Phoenix, since Arizona is a border state with Mexico. There are many immigration lawyers in Phoenix dedicated to helping immigrants enter and stay in the U.S. legally, and helping employers ensure that their employees are legally eligible to work in the U.S.  Arizona has tough anti-immigration laws, allowing the state to shut down businesses which hire undocumented workers. A recent raid against 2 water parks in Arizona has led to the arrest of several employees, on suspicion of being illegal immigrants.

Most cases and legal documents in Phoenix are filed with the Maricopa County Superior Court. The exact location will depend on the type of case being filed, such as family law, criminal law, or for a civil lawsuit.

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For basic legal information, the law library is a good starting point. With over 3,300 articles written in plain language, there is a good chance that you will find the information you are looking for. There are also law libraries available in the Phoenix area which might be helpful:

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