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Learn More About Mohave County, AZ

Located in the northwestern corner of the state, Mohave County contains part of the Grand Canyon National Park. As well, Lake Havasu City is in Mohave County, which has earned a reputation as one of the premier spring break destinations for many college students.

If you have been injured in Mohave County, or have some other need for legal assistance, there are many Mohave County lawyers waiting to help you. These attorneys can represent you in many areas of law including personal injury, boating accidents, DUI, criminal defense, sexual harassment, divorce, alimony, and more.

Lake Havasu in Mohave County has been a hot spot for police activity come Memorial Day every year since the lake became a popular spot for party-goers on Spring Break. Each year, hundreds of individuals are cited for BUI, or Boating Under the Influence, on the lake which is a popular spot for parties. Mohave County officers routinely arrest boaters on the lake who have had too much to drink. The legal limit for boating is a .08 blood-alcohol level, and often the police find people with levels above .13. With the number of accidents attributed to alcohol consumption on the lake rising every year, the number of officers trained to go on the lake also increases. The message that they are giving is clear: if you drink and boat on the lake, you will be arrested.

Mohave County attorneys regularly argue cases in the Superior Court of Mohave County, which is likely the place that your lawsuit will end up. It would be beneficial to your cause to hire one of these local attorneys who is experienced with this court.

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