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Learn More About Lake Havasu City, AZ

Lake Havasu City is a city located in Mohave County, Arizona. As of a 2006 estimate by the Census Bureau, it has a population of approximately 56,000.

Lake Havasu City is perhaps best known as the site of the London Bridge. It’s exactly what it sounds like – when the London Bridge (not to be confused with the more recognizable Tower Bridge) was slated to be replaced with a more modern structure in the 1960s, the old bridge was purchased by the founder of Lake Havasu, and was disassembled brick-by-brick, shipped to Arizona, and re-built. It currently spans Lake Havasu Reservoir. A popular rumor holds that the buyer believed he was purchasing the much more famous Tower Bridge, though this is denied by both the buyer and seller.

One should be aware that in Mohave County, where Lake Havasu City is located, a person who is caught stealing a bar of soap is legally obliged to wash himself with it until it is used up. So, if you find yourself with a stolen bar of soap, this is something you should probably be aware of. Hopefully, you don’t have sensitive skin.

On a more serious note, recently, a former high school football player in Lake Havasu City filed a lawsuit against the local school district over an injury he suffered in 2008. The injury required surgery and 4 months of home rest. The injury was made worse, according to the lawsuit, by a slip and fall that the plaintiff suffered because of standing water left on the athletic field. The suit also claims that the district refused to provide the student with “appropriate educational opportunities” for a student who is immobile due to chronic pain. The lawsuit seeks $350,000 in damages.

This lawsuit likely went through the Arizona Superior Court for Mohave County. The Arizona Superior Court is the trial court of general jurisdiction in Arizona, meaning that most civil and criminal cases begin there. Some of the larger incorporated cities in Arizona also have municipal courts, which have jurisdiction over smaller cases, such as traffic violations, some misdemeanors, and civil matters with less than $10,000 in controversy. Lake Havasu City has one of these courts, referred to as the consolidated court.

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